Sunday, November 30, 2008


"Is this just ink on paper, or a longing from my soul? Is this a statement of truth, or a cry for help? Can one really be completely happy and honestly miserable at the same time? I would compare this feeling to looking out at a starlit sky. Staring in wonder of the millions of stars out there, but at the same time knowing that all I’ll ever know is the feeling of being here, held down by gravity." - me 
I was looking through some of my old stuff tonight, and even though I already blogged during this sleepless night, i decided to blog again. I think my inspiration comes in bursts, and because i'm rarely truly insprired, i must get it all out when it comes to me. I read what i wrote that day, and it completely describes everything i'm feeling right now.. what's strange is that i dont even remember writing it.

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