Thursday, November 27, 2008


i remember exactly where i was at this moment last year. i will save you the details, but basically i was up to no good. i am not proud of the things i have done, the people i have hurt, and the constant disappointment i am to my savior and king. but through all the mistakes i have made in my past, i have grown to become what i am today. i am not saying that today i am perfect, because by no means am i anywhere near perfect. i am a sinner and i am only alive by my Lord's saving grace. 

time. i think time can be good or bad. they say "time heals all wounds." and i guess to a degree, i agree with that statement. but i can give something all the time in the world, and until i give it to God, then there is still something inside of me that's not resolved. my wounds were deep, and at times i didnt think i would make it through the pain, but i have survived. i have come out on top, and im ready to stand tall.

now i just have to figure out this crazy mess that is my life.. i feel like i have a broken leg, im wearing shoe spikes, and im walking on thin ice. i think that pretty much describes how i feel right now. 

can something just go the way i plan for once in my life?

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